The Pros And Cons Of Having A Landline

Now that cell phones are so prevalent and reliable, many people are cutting their landline telephone services in favor of just using their cellphones. If you are thinking about this, you may want to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. Here are the pros and cons of having  a landline. 

Cons of Having a Landline

  • May Go Out if the Power Goes Out

Many landlines now go through your internet modem. If you have a bundle of television, internet and telephone services, or just internet and telephone, yours likely goes through the modem. The upside to this is that you often receive a discount for bundling services, making your landline fairly cheap. The downside to this is that if the power or the internet goes out, your landline may not work. This makes your landline unusable during natural disasters and weather emergencies. 

  • The Extra Costs Associated With It

The other disadvantage to having a landline is the costs associated with it. While the costs may be minimal if you bundle services, there is still an added cost for it. Many people already have a cell phone and pay for that, so paying for a landline that they will rarely use may not make financial sense to them. 

Pros of Having a Landline

  • Faster 911 Response

The biggest advantage to having a landline is that you have a faster 911 response when you call from a landline. While 911 operations are getting better and faster at tracking cell phones, there is still a delay if you call 911 and are unable to give your location. This delay can be a matter of life and death in some circumstances. Also, many people have locks or codes on their cell phone. If there was an emergency and your child did not know your code, and you do not have a landline, there may be no way for a child to contact 911. 

  • Can Be Beneficial If You Have Poor Reception in Your Home

The other benefit to having a landline is that you do not have to worry about poor cell phone reception in your home. Some people simply do not have great reception in their own home. This can make it difficult to carry on a conversation. If you have a landline, you do not have to worry about this. 

Deciding whether or not to cut a landline is a personal decision. Weighing the advantages and disadvantages will help you make the right decision for you and your family. Contact a place like Dalton Utilities for more information. 

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