Three Uses For Ultrasonic Sound Waves

Ultrasonic sound waves can have a number of important commercial uses. Unfortunately, there are many individuals that are not aware of the numerous uses of these sound waves. In particular, there are three common uses of ultrasonic sound waves that people may not know about.

Industrial Diagnostics

There are many sophisticated pieces of industrial equipment that your business may utilize on a daily basis. These pieces of technology will be at risk of suffering serious malfunctions. When this occurs, you may assume that it will be necessary to disassemble these pieces of equipment. However, it is often possible to use ultrasonic sound waves to diagnose a wide range of issues. These sounds waves can provide technicians will valuable insights about the condition of the interior of the machine, and it may even be able to create a picture of the potential problem.

Mechanical Cleaning

Many mechanical devices will need to be regularly cleaned if they are to stay operational. Over time, dust, old lubricant, rust and grime can all start to accumulate on these components. When this happens, the ability of these components to function as intended will be greatly compromised. While you may assume there are chemical cleaners that can use, many of these will be acidic, which can damage delicate metal components. Ultrasonic cleaning is a highly effective way of removing these substances without harming the components. This is done by creating intense and localized vibrations on the metal, and this will cause these particles to loosen so that they can be easily wiped away.

Medical Testing

When a person develops a serious medical condition, their doctors will need to use an assortment of tests to diagnose the condition so that the appropriate treatments can be used. In this regard, ultrasonic sound waves can be a highly effective diagnostic option as they will allow the doctor to see a relatively clear image of the interior of the body without putting the patient at risk or causing significant discomfort. If you are currently in the process of looking for diagnostic equipment for your clinic, ultrasonic equipment, such as from LISNR, INC., can be an affordable and accurate choice for your needs.

Ultrasonic sound waves are sounds that are emitted at a frequency that is much higher than what human ears are able to detect. However, this does not mean that these sounds are useless. After you understand the ways that ultrasonic sound waves can be used to diagnose mechanical problems, clean mechanical components and be used for medical diagnostics, you will have a greater appreciation for this technology.

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