3 Important Network Management Tools You Should Be Using In Your Call Center Business

Years ago, call center operations were all about telephones and switchboards. However, the modern day call center is a highly technical operation, oftentimes relying on a large assortment of network computers, software, and other equipment. As the owner of a call center business, it is your job to ensure that the network you oversee is functioning efficiently and is rightly protected. Network management can definitely seem like a huge undertaking, but there are certain points of management that are more important than other. Take a look at three important network management tools you should be using in your call center. 

Bandwidth Monitoring Tools for Speed

The bandwidth is a term used to describe how much "width" or space you have on your "band" for transmitting signals. If too much bandwidth is being used, it can interfere with your entire network and how it operates. Therefore, small problems with bandwidth can slow your daily production and ability to maneuver to information quickly on computer interfaces. Bandwidth monitoring tools do several things, including:

  • identifying devices that use too much bandwidth 
  • identifying applications that use too much bandwidth
  • identifying outside leeches that could be tapped into your network

By being able to see where bandwidth usage is being designated in your call center, you can easily adjust and make changes without spending a bunch of money on higher bandwidth services. 

IP Management Tools for Efficiency 

Every electronic device that has network connectability has its own individual IP (Internet Protocol) address. In a business that has so many different devices connected to the network, from the telephones and computers to the printers, just managing the IP traffic can be a burden on the network. IP management tools relieve this burden by streamlining the automatic tracking, recall, and utilization process for the network. 

Firewall Management Tools for Security 

The firewall of your network harvests and receives incoming and outgoing data with all processes through the day, which means that the data stored by the firewall can be massive in size and incredibly hard to manage. Because this information goes hand in hand with keeping your network secured, it is necessary that it is well managed. Firewall management tools help beef up security for your network by helping you maintain this important data for the long term. Best of all, this can be done without taxing other systems with the arduous and length tasks of data storage and retrieval. 

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