Arm Your Building With an Alarm and Train Your Staff for Emergency Situations

Do your office employees know what to do in case of an emergency? What if a disaster strikes, or an intruder comes inside of your business and threatens you and your staff? Would everyone know how to respond so that they could avoid placing themselves in harm's way? If not, then it is time to prepare by arming your building with alarm systems and training your staff what to do in case of an emergency that requires quick thinking. 

Have an Alarm System Installed

Hire an alarm company to install an alarm system that is designed to go off if the doors are opened and the passcode isn't entered upon entering the office building. An alarm system will alert you and your staff members that something is awry, and everyone can remain vigilant as you or another staff member checks out the premises to ensure that nobody has entered who should not be there.

An alarm system will also notify an alarm company so that an emergency person who responds to alarms will be sent out to your address to scope out the situation and make sure that everyone is safe. After receiving the passcode to your alarm system, try to memorize the code and give the code to employees. Make sure that each person understands that they need to keep the code confidential so that it doesn't wind up in the wrong hands. 

Practice Evacuating The Building

If a flood, fire, hurricane, or other natural disaster occurs, it is pertinent that you and your staff members exit the building in an orderly fashion. Plan the evacuation route that you would like everyone to follow.

Hold impromptu evacuation sessions to keep your employees on their toes and to practice exiting the building quickly and safely. Make sure that you keep the inside of the office building cleaned on a routine basis so that nobody is at risk of injuring themselves due to tripping over an object as they attempt to exit the building. 

Hand Out Pepper Spray and Teach Your Employees What To Do If Apprehended

Purchase containers of pepper spray and hand one container to each employee to use in case they are ever in a very dangerous situation in which they could be harmed by an intruder. Stress to your employees that they are not to use the spray unless there are no other alternatives. Tell your employees if an intruder demands money or asks each person to face the wall or lay down on the floor that their best bet is to go along with what the perpetrator says to avoid angering them, resulting in them retaliating and trying to physically harm one or more people. 

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