Top Features To Look For In A Fast Steering Mirror For Your Infrared System

When your manufacturing or aerospace facility heavily relies on infrared technology and beams to perform precision processes in your business, picking the right components is ever important. This is especially true when outfitting your equipment with a fast steering mirror to expand the span of an infrared beam. While there are many different models of fast steering mirrors available, not all of them are made the same. Many have different features and advantages because patents for each model can be different. Here is a look at some of the top features you should be looking for in a fast steering mirror for infrared manipulation. 

The mirror offers flexible degrees of tilt.  

The mirrors that have the most versatile tilt capabilities are usually best for use in infrared systems because they will allow you to set up the mirror at an angle that perfectly suits your processes. Plus, if you have to make adjustments mid-project, you will not have to struggle to get the right-tilted angle to aptly direct the infrared beam; you can simply make the perfect changes and get on with the setup. Look for a mirror that is fixed upon a flexible stand with a rigid support system to hold the angles securely for easier alignments.

The mirror has integrated feedback support. 

When you are trying to perfectly align an infrared beam, it is critical that you get immediate feedback of the direction the beam is being cast, right down to a fraction of a degree in one direction or another. When you have a fast steering mirror that has integrated feedback support, you get immediate feedback as to the precise positioning and alignment of the infrared beam. This means you can make necessary adjustments quickly, and if the mirror has robotic controls, you can make adjustments without directly interfering with the mirror to knock it further out of alignment. 

The mirror works with multi or single-axis opticals. 

Many fast steering mirrors are designed to work with only one single axis, even those that are designed for infrared systems. While you may only currently need a single-axis support from a mirror, there is always a chance you will have to expand later. Therefore, it is a better idea to go with a multi-axis optic setup when shopping for the best mirror. With the ability to transition between single and multiple axes, expansion is not such a challenging or expensive feat of it has to be done. 

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