3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Two-Way Radio

Communication plays a critical role in the efficiency and safety of a variety of scenarios.

Law enforcement and first response teams utilize two-way radios to maintain a constant line of communication. Event staff and security teams rely on two-way radios to monitor crowd movement and respond to potential threats in a timely manner.

If your two-way radio system is more than a few years old, you could be missing out on upgraded features that will improve your communication capabilities.

1. Modern two-way radios can accommodate multiple units.

It's important that the two-way radio system you rely on is capable of keeping everyone with a handset unit in contact simultaneously. Outdated radio systems can limit the number of units that you are able to connect to a single network.

With a modern two-way radio, you have the ability to add as many units as you need to the same communication network. This feature allows you to avoid cutting corners when it comes to the number of individuals communicating during your event or emergency.

2. Modern two-way radios are IP based.

Advancements in technology have revolutionized the way two-way radios operate. Older models rely on a satellite to help transmit important messages between the units connected to the two-way radio's network. Satellite transmissions can be unreliable, resulting in communication outages and delays.

Modern two-way radios are IP based instead of using satellite signals to communicate. This means that an upgraded two-way radio is capable of using satellite, mobile networks, LTE, and LAN options to transmit data.

Your radio will automatically engage in the communication pathway that will result in the speediest and most efficient delivery of voice and data messages between the units connected to your communication network.

3. Modern two-way radios can be connected to multiple cellular modems.

In the event that your two-way radio system needs to use a mobile network to transmit your communications, the best mobile network will produce the greatest results. Modern two-way radios are able to support multiple cellular modems via USB connections.

You will be able to set up several independent mobile networks that are connected to your two-way radio system. The system will automatically scan all available networks and select the one with the highest quality and fastest delivery times to facilitate better communication between the individual users connected to your two-way radio network.

Your ability to stay in communication with employees and security staff is important. Upgrade your two-way radio system to ensure you have access to the most advanced communication equipment available. Talk to local suppliers about options like an Explorer MSAT G3.

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