Two Ways To Get Players To Spend More Money In Your Mobile Game

Monetization is one of the most challenging aspects of game development. While players are more than happy to fork over cash to get the game, they are far stingier when it comes to buying in-app offerings, with only 1.9 percent of players making purchases in 2016. The situation isn't completely hopeless, however. Here are two ways you can get players to spend more money on your mobile game.

Start Beginners at Lower Price Points

Studies show people are more willing to make additional in-game purchases after buying something the first time, but it can be quite the uphill battle getting players to make that initial investment. Unfortunately, many developers shoot themselves in the feet by pricing their items they are selling too high, putting their most expensive items at the forefront, presenting their entire catalog of offerings all at once, or offering a combination of the three.

Needless to say, beginner players can find this type of presentation off-putting. They are still in the process of learning how to play the game, so they don't even know if the items they're purchasing will really enhance their experiences. Additionally, being presented with too many options can lead to choice paralysis, which often causes victims to walk away from the stress of having to make a decision.

A good way to handle in-app purchases, particularly where beginners are concerned, is to offer them on a tiered basis. Start with basic, low-cost options to entice players into buying something and then gradually increase the expense and options as players level up or unlock new areas. Not only does this make it easier for people to justify the purchase (e.g. "It is so cheap"), but you will also engage players' sense of achievement and ego when you allow them access to bigger and better options for continuing to play the game, especially if that content is exclusive or special in some way.

Target Player Reward Centers

Another way you can get players to make more in-game purchases is to engage the reward centers in their brains. This is an area of the brain deeply connected to our survival as a species. Whenever a person does something positive (e.g. eat food, have sex), the brain releases a chemical called dopamine, which makes the individual feel good and inspires them to repeat the action. This is the primary reason people become addicted to certain substances and behaviors. They get a hit of dopamine each time they do those things, which causes them to get sucked into a cycle.

You don't have to make your game addictive to get people to make purchases in the game. However, building in stuff that rewards the player for taking certain actions can make them more amenable to buying things. For instance, giving them trophies for completing a certain number of levels will make them feel accomplished and drive them to continue playing the game, even if they have to pay to access other areas. Even giving the player in-game currency each time they "win" will encourage them to continue playing, and the longer they play, the higher the chance they will make a purchase.

The exact strategies you'll need to use will vary depending on the game and the type of players you are targeting. It's a good idea to connect with a marketing professional who can help you brainstorm ways for you to take advantage of this psychological trick to maximize conversions and increase the amount of money you make with your game.

For more information about monetizing your game or help processing and collecting payments, contact a company that offers mobile game payment software solutions.

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