A Guide To Deicing Your Plane To Keep It Safe

When you own a personal aircraft or one that you are using for business, it's important that you take care of it with measures that are wise and useful. In doing this, your plane will pass inspection, you will get more out of it from a performance point of view, and you'll be able to fly it with safety and peace of mind. Learning how to deice your plane is an important step toward enjoying these kinds of results. 

With this in mind, read below so you can get what you need out of your plane maintenance by deicing it and storing it in a way that is useful. 

Be vigilant when you are looking to deice your plane

First off, never understate or undersell how important it is to deice your plane. This is quite literally a matter of life and death and is never something to be overlooked. When you take to the sky with frost on your wings, your aircraft instantly loses at least 30 percent of its max lift. Further, frost on your plane will negatively throw off your plane's attack angles and increases drag by nearly half. 

Because of these stakes, make sure that you are vigilant about deicing your airplane. The more that you take time to learn strategies and use products, the safer you'll be whenever you take your plane up into the sky. There are lots of useful portable aircraft deicing products that you can invest in that will help you. Research your aircraft materials and figure out if you need Type I, Type II, or Type III fluid. Look into the active chemicals in each deicing product that you are considering using, and it will give you an idea of which will work on your plane. 

Store your airplane and prevent frost and ice whenever possible

The main way to keep your plane frost- and ice-free is to store it somewhere safe and warm. On average, you can expect to pay somewhere in the ballpark of $275 per month for your hangar space. Take a tour of the hangar to make sure that it has temperature control settings. 

In addition to deicing fluid, you can invest in fluids that prevent the accumulation of frost and ice in the first place. Keep your runway clean as well so you have no problem getting up into the clouds even if the weather is a bit frosty. 

Use these tips to protect your plane, and contact a company like Wing Armor for more information.

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