Which Smart Home Products Provide The Most Bang For Your Buck?

Walk into any smart home products store these days, and you're likely to be overwhelmed by the array of choices. Each has its purpose, but there's an argument that certain decisions might yield more bang for your buck. Particularly if you're working from a strict budget, it can be helpful to know which products represent the best potential value.


The beauty of the smart thermostat is simple. You can save significant amounts of money by not needlessly heating or cooling your house when no one is present.

Better yet, many modern systems can be designed for zone control. This means you can keep the craft room at 65 degrees while no one is there, for example, while also keeping the living room at 70 degrees as you curl up and watch a movie.

A bonus is that many smart thermostats integrate with voice assistants. You can use the assistant in your car or on your phone to let the thermostat know you'll be coming home soon. It can then begin warming the place up before you arrive.


Another efficiency-minded solution is smart lighting. You can find simple ones that work a lot like the thermostats listed in the previous section at a smart home store. There are also dynamic models that use sensors to determine how much light is appropriate given the conditions.

Likewise, you can configure different mood lighting setups. That allows you to go quickly from a configuration for a romantic dinner to something appropriate for reading, for example.

Security Integration

Smart home systems allow you to fully integrate your residential security system. If you want to see who's at the door, the system can display the camera feed right on your TV or tablet. You'll also get notifications whenever something is amiss.

Monitoring extends to inside the house, too. A couple with a baby, for example, might want to see how their little one is doing by checking the security feed in their child's room.


Smart mirrors are ideal for people who need to get information fast. Suppose you want to check the weather and the morning stock report. Data feeds can go directly to the mirror. You can read everything while brushing your teeth, letting you get ahead of your day before it has even started.


Audio systems integrate seamlessly with anything you'll find at a smart home products store. You can send the audio for a news show you're watching to a speaker in the kitchen, for example, while you prepare dinner.

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