Motorized Shades: 2 Facts You Should Know

If you plan to purchase new window treatments for your home, then you may be considering installing motorized shades, such as Lutron motorized shades. While you may understand that the installation of motorized shades can make opening and closing shades easier and more convenient, you may still have many questions about these shades that you need the answers to before you decide whether or not they are right for you. 

Read on to learn two facts you should know about motorized shades to learn more about how these shades work, their unique benefits, and more. 

1. A Wide Variety of Motorized Window Treatment Styles are Available 

One common misconception about motorized shades is that they are available in only a small selection of styles. However, the truth is that there are a wide variety of motorized window treatments styles available to make it easier for homeowners to install shades that complement their home décor' and personal style tastes. 

While motorized roller shades and roman shades are common, other motorized window treatments include motorized drapery systems; horizontal blinds with motors that both open and close the blinds completely and control the tilt of the blind slats; and motorized tension shades for skylights. 

All motorized window treatments are also available in a wide variety of color and material options. For example, roller shade color options are virtually endless, and material options range from blackout materials that block all light to sheer fabrics that simply diffuse light. Motorized horizontal blinds, on the other hand, can be made from wood, vinyl, and many other popular horizontal blind materials. 

2. Shade Control Options Also Vary

You may have been to a friend or neighbor's house who has motorized blinds and saw them opening and closing their shades with a specific device that you now suspect is the only device that can be used to operate these blinds. However, the truth is that motorized blinds and window treatments can be operated with a variety of devices, and you can inform your motorized shade installation technician of how you would like to operate your blinds during the installation process. 

While some people enjoy opening and closing their motorized blinds with a simple remote control, others choose blinds with integrated internet connectivity that allow them to control them with their smartphones and a blind-compatible app or instead connect their blinds to the home automation systems they already have in place. 

Some automated blinds are also equipped with timers that can be set to open and close the blinds when you desire, and others are equipped with special sensors that detect outside light levels and adjust window treatments according to the amount of light detected. 

If you need new home window treatments, then keep these two motorized shade facts in mind as you decide if motorized shades are right for you. 

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